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For the week of:   March 19, 2001

Your Word

For this week, take a close look at how well you follow through when you say you are going to do something, or make a promise. What motivated you to say you would do it? Do you feel obligated to keep your word? Do you actually do what you said you would do? Do you do it with quality, or just so-so? Do you delay or put it off? Do you resent having to do it? Are you sorry you said you would do it? Are you fully engaged in doing it, or is your heart elsewhere? What do you feel when you’ve completed the promised action? How do your promises and follow-through, or lack thereof, affect others?

Through this week’s practice we hope to increase our understanding of the value of our word, of its measure and its importance, of how it is to fulfill it — or not. If you see yourself acting in a less-than-perfect manner, be careful not to let that self-awareness devolve into self-criticism. We simply see and understand, with compassion for ourselves and others, and with the intention to act responsibly as we walk the path of the sacred.

           For further information on this area, please read the section on Promises.


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