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For the week of: April 9, 2001

An Act of Will

If you do not have a regular daily meditation practice, then for this week create one. For at least five minutes each day, sit in a quiet place to practice meditation or to work with bodily sensation. If you can make the time, then sit longer, say 20 to 40 minutes. The length of each sitting matters because it usually takes significant time for our minds to settle down enough and for us to collect the energy and attention to allow us to enter deeply into the meditation.

But the mere daily repetition of sitting in meditation also matters, even if it lasts only five minutes. Our intention to pursue our spiritual practice transforms into an act of will by maintaining the daily discipline of meditation. This act of will powerfully reorients us toward the spiritual. To sustain that orientation we need to reinforce it every day, without fail. If we do so, our commitment and understanding of the path will certainly grow. Sustained will leads organically to a deepening of our contact with the sacred.



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