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For the week of: May 21, 2001

Building The Group

Shared inner work enlivens and quickens our path remarkably. The best approach involves meeting regularly with a group to practice meditation, prayer, or other spiritual exercises. Some of us, though, do not have contact with a suitable group.

So we try to practice on our own. Perhaps we read a book like this one and do our best to apply the suggestions. In this we are not alone. Others also read this book and try to apply it in their lives. This is a group, albeit one that may never meet face-to-face. Yet we can help each other, we can work at forming a geographically dispersed but inwardly aligned group, one that can act as a container for energies, one that can help us.

Here’s how. Once a day, take a minute or two to imagine the people who read this book and practice it. Imagine them as a group, a physically separated group with a shared intention. Now send your heartfelt kindness to that group, your best wishes for the spiritual development of each person in it. Since you are also part of this group, you will find energy and good will flowing back to you as you open to the group. Gradually in this way the group of readers of this book can become a vessel of help for each other.


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