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For the week of: October 15, 2001

The Practice of Excellence

Excellence pays enormous dividends, both in how we affect the world around us and in our personal fulfillment. Actions of excellence shine. When we look back on an act having an appropriate mix of quality, efficiency, effectiveness, rightness, beauty and perfection, we feel an unmistakable satisfaction. The practice of excellence entails making the pursuit of excellence our normal mode of living.

To pursue excellence in more of our life, we need to awaken and forgo half-heartedness. During the day, be aware of opportunities to perform actions with more quality than you might otherwise. Set your own standards of excellence and bring them to bear on what you do and say. Let the promptings of your conscience and the effects of your actions guide you in seeking excellence. The practice of excellence can be applied at any time or situation. Ask yourself: how can I bring excellence into this? And then act to do so.

You can seek excellence in your profession and in any complex task. But you can also look for excellence in unexpected places, in the simplest of actions. What would it mean to walk excellently, to wash the dishes excellently? How about excellence in speaking, even only a few words? And so on. The practice of excellence constantly renews our interest in and perception of life.

For this week, pursue excellence.


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