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For the week of: November 28, 2001

Awareness of Posture

The basic bodily postures of standing, walking, sitting, and lying down display an infinite number of variations. One way to be in contact with the immediacy of the present moment involves practicing awareness of posture, awareness of how our body is spatially arrayed now.

This is not about improving or correcting our posture, though that may come as a natural byproduct of increased postural awareness. The effort to improve posture may be worthy and even necessary, but forms another subject altogether.

In this particular practice we simply bring awareness to our posture in this moment, to the arrangement of our bones, to how our arms and legs, fingers and toes, head and torso are oriented now. To support continuity of presence, we practice posture awareness by allowing part or all of our attention to rest in our posture. Since our body is always in some posture and since effective posture awareness need not occupy the whole of our attention, this practice can be useful in any situation and at any time.

For this week, enter the practice of posture awareness.


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