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For the week of: July 1, 2002

Let It Be

The attitude of contentment leads to and embodies peace. Contentment allows life to be just as it is, in a stance of radical acceptance. Neither rejecting the unpleasant and painful, nor grasping for the pleasurable, we rest in open awareness in the ebb and flow of experience.

Contentment does not imply passivity. We still take medicine in times of illness, but out of caring for our sick body, not as a desperate attempt escape the unpleasantness. We take appropriate action, where we see the need or obligation. All the while, our orientation of not interfering with experience anchors us in peace. We let the weight fall from our shoulders. We live and act from the place of peace.

For this week, notice your own position with respect to contentment. To what degree do you accept experience as it arises? What do you push away? What do you run after? Can you just let it all be?



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