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For the week of: July 22, 2002


We can ill afford days of no inner work, for our time is limited. Even if blessed with long life, unless we build a very firm foundation prior to growing old, we may not have the health, strength, or energy to practice well in our later years. These days, this moment offer our best opportunity for spiritual practice.

Our conditions change continuously, bouncing us among happiness, sadness, high energy, tiredness, anger, envy, elation, illness, confusion, clarity and the rest. But whatever the conditions, inner as well as outer, our compass can always point us in the same direction: toward depth of spirit and openness of heart.

We need great fortitude and constancy of purpose to continue our inner work come what may. A real blessing enters our life when we always know and act on this one thing: this is the time to practice letting go, presence, sensing our body, kindness, energy breathing and so forth. This constancy of will bears the seed of our transformation.

For this week, look at your own stance toward inner work, particularly in the face of situations that make practice seem difficult. Does your compass waver? Where can you find the constancy you need?



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