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For the week of: August 26, 2002

Access to Wisdom

            Clarity of mind and heart tends to elude us. The complexities of life confront us with an endless stream of choices, large and small. Unable to see into the future, we often find ourselves tossed about in a sea of unknown probabilities. The most important choices typically remain hidden in the realm of possibilities, unnoticed, untaken. Our thoughts and emotions offer little trustworthy guidance in the difficult decisions. So we wing it or take the easy route and leave untold treasure on the table of time.

            Deep within us, beyond our minds, beyond our emotions, lies a source of wisdom. In quiet moments you can look there. Simply and directly turn your attention outside your senses, your body, your emotions, and your thoughts, even outside your awareness, toward that wisdom. Look to that inner wisdom for guidance. Because we easily fool ourselves into confusing some thought or urge with the source of wisdom, we check its promptings against our ordinary common sense, and our notions of morality and acceptability. We then test its pronouncements to see what results they bring in actual life. Little by little we learn to distinguish our inner wisdom from our inner noise.



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