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For the week of: September 2, 2002

Hands and Feet

            Effective spiritual practice must be grounded in our body. Certainly practice extends beyond the body, for example in some types of meditation and prayer. But the persistent blue-collar inner work of actually being present in our body, while not flashy, inexorably leads toward a substantial and transformed spiritual life. So from time to time, we renew our work on the energy body by returning our primary effort to direct contact with physical sensations.

            For this week, be in your hands and feet, these marvelous instruments of transportation and action. When we walk, awareness of our feet brings us into the now, into relationship with the Earth, with our body, with our life in this moment. Awareness of our hands offers immediate contact with our acts in the world, be it washing, grooming, typing, tying shoes, dialing a phone, cooking, laying brick, digging, raking, touching, or any of the other myriad functions of our hands.

Starting with awareness of the sensations in our hands and feet, we build a base for sensing the entire energy body.  



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