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Inner Work

For the week of: September 23, 2002

Torso and Head

            In our continuing efforts to live in presence through contact with the physical sensations of our whole body, we focus this week on the core of our body: our torso and head. Sensing and presence in the torso and head give us a powerfully stabilizing center. An important interpretation of the term “center” points directly at presence in our body, and particularly in our torso and head.

            In working to sense our torso and head, we do not attempt to focus on particular organs, like lungs, liver, and so on. To do so might interfere with their instinctive and vital operations. Rather we work to establish a generalized but strong sensation spread throughout the torso and head. We inhabit this sensation; we reside in our torso and head. Moving and acting from this, our center, offers us a self-renewing and substantial presence, anchored in our real life, in our world.



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