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For the week of: October 7, 2002

Effort and Non-effort

Our spiritual practice involves a dance between effort and non-effort. On one side we engage in the heavy lifting of repeatedly bringing our attention back to the present, holding ourselves in the here and now, and sensing our body more strongly and completely. On the other, we rest in the simple joy of being fully alive and awake to this moment. On the first side we press ahead, pushing to extend the amount of time we spend in presence. On the second, we gratefully accept the moments of spontaneous awakening in sparkling clarity of mind or unmitigated warmth of heart. On the first side we avidly seek that depth just beyond our grasp, just beyond our mind and heart. On the second, we open our heart simply and directly toward ourselves and those around us. On the first side we pray. On the second we become a prayer.

            For this week, notice this dance of effort and non-effort in your own practice. Bring greater vigor to the first and allow more of the second.



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