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For the week of: October 21, 2002

The Long View

As the frequency and severity of terrorist attacks increases, the world grows smaller. Events thousands of miles from our homes strike us as proximate and immediate. Yet our haven in the spiritual life, if not sterile, cannot be divorced from the world. What to do? This global complexity does not permit simple answers. Nor is the call of our own evolution compatible with naïve and unthinking adoption of others’ attitudes toward the world’s ills. Spiritual evolution, both individual and for the human race as a whole, requires time, a long time. Our view of right action in the present, though constrained by the scope of our own knowledge, can best be formed in the context of the long-term future.

            For this week, contemplate some aspects of the world situation. Reflect upon the near and long-term possibilities for a better future, and the path toward that vision. Review and perhaps reformulate your assumptions and opinions in light of these deliberations. Reconsider your own role in the present toward building that future, toward creating a positive legacy.



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