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For the week of: October 28, 2002

Choose Again

The choices we make, or fail to make, determine the course of our life, externally as well as inwardly. We often face moments of choosing our inner direction: shall I continue to nurture my anger at what was said to me? Shall I continue eating even though my stomach is full? Shall I drift along in this pleasant daydream or return to working at sensing my body? Shall I continue rushing through the day in the shallows, or extend my keel into the depths of presence in my journey through time?

Our inner life, our own evolution depends entirely on the myriad of choices confronting us moment-to-moment. The choice of developing our soul, letting go of identifications, acting responsibly, inhabiting our body, embracing our presence, and opening our heart can only be made by each of us individually, by you and me, each day, each hour, each passing minute of our limited life.

Every positive choice to engage in spiritual practice creates further opportunities. For this week, choose to practice, again and again.



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