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For the week of: November 25, 2002

Renewal: Deciding to Work

            Our inner work tends to reach a plateau, corresponding to our level of being. This comfort zone defines how much we practice, how often we enter presence, and the intensity, breadth, and depth of our inner work. Some days we wax stronger, other days we weaken, but the ups and downs fall within our typical range. After a time, we realize that this plateau has transformed into a rut, binding our efforts and inner standards of practice.

            To reach a new level of practice, we must work more frequently, more intensely, and more continuously. How to come to this? No one can give it to us. There is no hidden secret in this regard. It simply requires that we decide to work at presence always, that we reach into our own depths and find the determination to practice, to give the inner life of the spirit priority over all our daydreams, fantasies, escapes, indulgences, indignation, outrage, laziness, opinions and other distractions.

Periodically, we need to renew our inner work, to become more serious about living rightly, about serving truly, about not wasting our life. Though others can help remind us, the effective impulse can only be found within. For this week, go there and decide for yourself. How will you live this precious life, this week, this day, this hour?


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