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Inner Work

For the week of: December 30, 2002

Review & Resolve

            From time to time, it behooves us to take stock of our situation, to see where we are and where we’re going. At the New Year or our birthday, for example, we can look back on the past year, or even the past several years, and reassess. What have I accomplished in the past year? What have I avoided that I should have addressed? What are my goals and what actions have I taken toward achieving them?

            How is my inner work? Am I in a rut or a plateau? Do I need a new approach? Do I still blindly react in kind to anger, rudeness, or criticism? Is my spiritual practice static or does it have an inner dynamism? Has my being grown this year? Have I worked as much as I could or have inner laziness and lassitude dominated me? What are my possibilities?

            Spend some time, at least an hour, contemplating such questions, contemplating your recent life, inner and outer. Make a realistic assessment and look toward how you can best create the future you wish for. Make a resolution for the coming year, a resolution not so easy as to be of little value and not so difficult as to be beyond your reach, a resolution that will exercise your will and stretch your being in a meaningful way.


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