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For the week of: January 12, 2004

Breathing Energy

Consciously drawing energy from the air through attention to our breath can provide an enormous boost to our ability to inhabit our body, to strengthen our energy body, to build the sensitive energy in our body. In the beginning, to have some contact with this practice, sit quietly until you are thoroughly relaxed. Then focus your attention on your breathing with simple and direct awareness of the physical sensations associated with breathing, particularly at the nose and upper lip. Then, with your attention, begin drawing the energy from the air into yourself, allowing it to spread and settle throughout your body.

This practice does not require any significant alteration to your breath, and should not make you dizzy, nor cause you to breathe at an abnormally fast or slow speed. The difference between normal breathing and energy breathing does not lie on the physical level, but rather on the level of the energy body. Breathe at a normal pace and depth. But with fine attention to the air where it enters your nose, consciously bring the energy into your body. Let it build up the sensation throughout your body, so as to enhance your presence by supporting your contact with your body after the period of conscious breathing. In the beginning, practice this energy breathing for short periods only, perhaps 10 minutes per day.



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