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For the week of: March 8, 2004

Increasing Our Spiritual Income

"…Give us this day our daily bread…" (Matthew 6:11)

This phrase from the Lord's Prayer can be understood on multiple levels. On the most obvious material level, we ask for food for our physical body. Given the widespread malnourishment and hunger in the world, this is no small matter. We can ask not only for ourselves but also for the hungry around the globe.

We take the prayer further in asking for nourishment for our soul. Given that our soul remains unformed, incomplete and insubstantial, this modality of the prayer addresses our spiritual needs, the growth of our soul, and our possibilities for service. Just as we must work for our material sustenance, we also must work to feed our soul. The prayer asks for help in both endeavors. If we ask sincerely, with a heart of need and determination to do our part, we may well receive an answer.

Perhaps the most important example of working to feed our soul can be found in the practice of energy breathing. Through that practice we gradually accumulate the substance, the flesh of our nascent soul. Coupling energy breathing with the practice of sensing our body, gradually transforms our inner being, building our platform for presence, for joy, for new freedom, and for new possibilities.

For this week, ask for your daily bread and work to feed your soul by practicing energy breathing coupled with sensing your body.



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