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For the week of: March 15, 2004

Care for This Moment

Our life is made of moments, large and small. Our approach to this particular moment, when repeated, defines how we approach our whole life. If we care for and respect this moment, then we care for and respect ourselves and our life. How do we treat the material objects and the living beings around us in this moment? Do we offer them our presence and sensitivity in our interaction with them? Or do we sleepwalk through this moment, clanking and jabbering unawares.

Caring for this moment means interacting through awareness, both of ourselves and our surroundings. But not just any awareness, we need a sensitive awareness with a heart that feels and a mind that understands the effects of our every action, or lack of action.

We can begin with man-made material objects. We practice by handling objects with appropriate care, placing rather than dropping, cleaning and putting away, appreciating their design and the knowledge embodied therein, appreciating the effort required to create them and bring them to us. If we can stop taking material objects for granted, ignoring their sources, we may stop taking life for granted and respect our Source.



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