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For the week of: April 12, 2004

The Ineffable

Looking at the world, we believe, and believe in, what we see. This obvious, tangible world of material objects, energies, and events in space-time completely occupies our senses and our concern. But right behind it, just over the horizon of our senses, lie incomparably vaster realms, not subject to the conditions of space and time. As the highest of these realms surrounding, subsuming, sustaining and thoroughly permeating our world of space-time, the Divine invites us to recognize and serve the ineffable Whole.

Imagine that the fact that the Divine permeates our world is literally and precisely true. This truth has real consequences. If the Divine is present here and now, then at the very least it behooves us to work assiduously and intently to open our hearts and minds toward a direct perception of That.

For this week look in depth. Look beyond your ordinary vision, beyond the ordinary contents of your heart and mind. While we honor, respect, love, and care for this world, we reach out, open to the ineffable, surrendering our small self to our true Source and Purpose, in this very here and now. Utterly emptying yourself, use your creative imagination to see that the Divine is right here before you, even within you: the One in Whom “we live, and move, and have our being.”[1] Work at this opening in the quiet of your inwardness.


[1] Acts 17:28


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