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For the week of: May 17, 2004

Inspiring Aspiration

What we value shapes our life. In the long run, the quality and depth of our aspiration determine the quality and level of our being. Three great realms offer the possible fields of aspiration. First, we can and should have goals and ambitions within the material world. However, the quality of these material goals is determined by what they serve. Second, in the moral sphere we can aspire to always do the right thing, to be unfailingly trustworthy and kind.

Our spiritual aspirations form the third great field of endeavor. The worlds of depth offer many possibilities. We can strive to be present in body, heart, and mind, even to the point of continuity. We can aim for a deeper presence that opens to the vast stillness of consciousness. We can wish to enter the creative realm of light and sacred beings. And finally, we can aspire to Love and the Divine.

Each of these worlds presents attractive stopping places, which may appear to be the ultimate goal. Yet while working diligently and of necessity toward presence, consciousness, and the creative, we can set our ultimate aspiration, our deepest, heartfelt yearning upon the world of Love and the Divine. In proportion to the degree of our longing, we discover a flow of inspiration drawing us inevitably onward in presence, service, and love.

To find inspiration, deepen your aspiration.


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