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Inner Work

For the week of: July 5, 2004

Being Seen

Even in our quietest moments of calm, non-clinging, and peace, a residue of egoism remains. We feel ourselves. We feel ourselves not quite totally clean. What to do? We cannot cleanse ourselves of ourselves. That purification can only come from something deeper. So we allow ourselves to be seen by that depth. We present ourselves, offer ourselves, in whatever bold humility we can muster, to be seen. We lay bare our soul before the Ineffable. There is our hope. In being seen by the truly Pure, our stains exposed to that bleaching clarity, the center of our motivation begins to shift from our separateness.

So we raise ourselves up, in our deepest meditation or prayer, and we ask that living light to see us, to accept us, to purify us, to prepare us to pass through the gate to the halls of love. What could matter more? To do our duty to our family and our society. And toward that ultimate Purity, we allow ourselves to be seen in truth.



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