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For the week of: July 12, 2004

Here I Am

In Genesis, God calls Abraham, who replies "Behold, here I am." Clearly, this was not about letting God know where Abraham was, but rather to let God know that Abraham was.

The words "here I am" can be just as thin and empty as any other words. But try this. From the whole of your being, say to yourself “here I am.” And as you say it, really be here, present, as strongly as you can muster for that moment. Do this not with tension, but rather with intention, with your will-to-be, with the whole of yourself . Simple and direct, you say the words and you mean them, you experience their truth in the very instant you say them.

We all have the capacity to be present for a moment. Make this your moment, five times a day. Inwardly say "here I am" and as you say this, come out of your preoccupations and distractions, come into this moment, into your life, and be the one, the only one who can say those words in truth.



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