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For the week of: August 16, 2004

The Art of Climbing

To climb, be it a mountain or a ladder, we reach for what lies above and let go of what lies below. Both the reaching and the letting go play their necessary roles. The same holds true in climbing the spiritual path. Step by step we reach up and let go.

We let go of physical tensions and reach for awareness of sensation in the present. We let go of attachment to thoughts and emotions and reach for presence in consciousness. We let go of our personality, of being who we typically are, we let go of consciousness itself, and reach for the realm of the sacred. Finally we let go of ourselves, we let go of all our agendas other than finding God for the sole purpose of union with God. Through prayer or a sacred name, in an attitude of love and surrender, we reach into the deep unknown toward the Source of All. The qualities and energies of these higher realms create our being. Standing in their presence, we know we have found the road toward transformation.

For this week, practice the art of climbing.



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