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For the week of May 15, 2006

Doing Your Chores

Our life in time presents a series of events and tasks, many repetitive. Thankfully, we can use that outer structure to support and develop our inner life.

For this week, choose one or two physical activities or chores that you typically engage in daily. Set yourself to work at body awareness, sensing your body while you do the chore. For that period, intend to do what you are doing. Inwardly be the one doing the activity: donít just let it happen without your full participation, both inward and outward. At the same time be sure to bring the appropriate level of quality to what you do. Each day, as the moment for the chosen activity approaches, prepare your inner work by recalling and renewing your intention to practice for its duration.

Pick clearly delineated activities such as preparing or eating a meal, cleaning up after a meal, exercising, brushing your teeth, bathing, or getting dressed. Let your chosen built-in activities become occasions to build your inner work into your day. In this way, you can extend your spiritual practice into previously untouched regions of your life. By setting yourself to practice for the duration of the activity, you also extend your inner work in time and stability.

A boring, uninteresting, or distasteful task acquires vividness in the light of your focused attention and full presence. To enliven, strengthen, and broaden your inner life, enter the mundane and inspire it with your practice.


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