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For the week of July 10, 2006

The Web of Unity

The practice of equanimity, an abiding attitude of acceptance, both leads toward and derives from seeing the sameness in all things, in all people. Acceptance dissolves the walls we consciously and unconsciously erect to separate everything: what we want from what we do not want, us from them, me from you, beauty from its perceived lack, what we fear from what we do not fear. To enter the web of unity, the continuum of sameness, we need to empty ourselves of all our inner separateness.

That everything shares this sameness does not mean that nothing matters, but rather that everything matters. In our daily life we need to discriminate and separate one thing from another, one person from another, one value from another. But connection with the sacred, with the deeper level of sameness, can inform our values and shape our actions in the ordinary world of separateness.

To see our underlying sameness is to behold our unity. Moments come when you look into another person’s eyes, perhaps even a total stranger, and you sense your unity with that person. At other moments you may drop all your inner machinations and just be. In seeing the other’s humanness or in letting go, you connect that with your own essential humanity, with your heart of unity.

For this week, approach opening to the web of unity by presence, acceptance, equanimity, and allowing yourself to be in that web. Such great things of the spirit must be and are approachable, even participation in the love that shines on us all.


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