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For the week of October 9, 2006

Filling and Fulfilling

Many of us occasionally suffer a seductive malaise of dull emptiness, questioning the value of our life, bemoaning our lack of better fortune, wishing for something new and exciting but not quite knowing what, trudging through the repetitive weight of our job, our commute, and our chores. Fortunately, however, hope awaits us in the realm of spiritual inner work.

Those who have practiced meditation seriously know that a good long sitting in the morning can brighten and change your whole day. And changing enough days, changes your life. But what if you have not yet entered deeply enough into the peace and energy of meditation practice? Or what if your commitments today do not leave time for enough meditation? Are you doomed to dullness?

No! The opportunity to fill this moment with presence always stays with you. Working at presence transforms you into a sun, lighting your life from within. Seeing the dullness, emptiness, or whatever color disquiet inhabits your heart, you let it be, as part of your presence. Presence embraces and eventually heals your emptiness, filling you with peace, and even joy. As the bearer of a positive spiritual force, you create meaning. That force can brighten each moment no matter how mundane, each activity no matter how many repetitions this makes. Consciousness sees everything anew. The physical presence of sensation tastes every perception fully. The increased clarity may also show the way toward necessary outward changes.

The work of presence opens us to the art of living. For this week, when some malaise overtakes your feelings and thoughts, rather than acquiesce and succumb to it, let it be a reminder to work at presence now.


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