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For the week of November 13, 2006

Feet of Awareness

As the farthest extremities from our head, the feet can lay claim to not interfering with our cherished daydreams and ruminations, nor even with that rare bird of intentional thought. But as our point of contact with the Earth, our feet are uniquely positioned to keep us grounded, both physically and spiritually. By basing part of our attention in our feet we stay rooted in the present moment. In so doing, we enter the only venue for true spiritual presence and practice, the boundless Now.

Awareness of our feet need not intrude, but rather enhances our life, our presence, and our freedom. Installed in that contact with the Earth, we keep more readily to what matters, to the practical and the real. And then when we turn to broader presence, to conversation, to kindness, and to prayer, we do so with a sense of our humanity that guides us truly.

For this week, as much as possible, whether sitting, walking, or standing, practice sensing your feet, that direct perception of having feet, of being in your feet. If you are standing, walking, or running, become aware of the contact at the bottom of your feet. Become aware of your weight pressing down and the Earth pressing up through your feet. If you are sitting, become aware of your shoes touching your feet. In all cases, become aware of the sensation within your feet.


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