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For the week of June 15, 2009

The One Who Sees

In self-agency we find the true meaning of “to be centered.” In becoming the one who occupies our central core, we become our “I,” the hub from which all our intentional actions emanate, the witness of all our actually-perceived sensory impressions, the one who is present in presence, and the one who is part of the Source of all.

One of the easier ways to understand and experience this “I” is to be the one who sees with our eyes. When you see, is there someone in you who is the seer? Or is the seeing just happening on its own, like a video camera connected to a television, with no one watching.

When you see a scene or an object, ask yourself who is seeing it. Are you taking in the sight, or is it just passing you by? Enter the seeing so that you can answer with confidence “I am seeing this.” Be the one who sees, the one who watches.

That seer, that watcher is you, the agent of your life. Though the watcher often remains absent, rousing yourself to see brings your will, the inner you into the situation. You live your life, rather than passively being lived. The one who sees is the same one who perceives all that your various senses bring you, that is if they are perceived.

For this week, practice seeing what you see, being the one who sees the images your eyes and brain offer.


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