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Fourth Way Spiritual Practice



In the quiet of meditation, after the mind settles down and we start noticing the empty spaces between thoughts, between perceptions, we can let these gaps grow prominent, bring them into the foreground of awareness, enter them, and become them. Moving out of the content of our mind and into its context, we become porous. Our very awareness becomes porous, open to let all and any perceptions and impulses come and go freely, with no obstacles, no viscosity, no attraction, and no repulsion. Entering this sea of holes, with no holding on, we become free. Even after we step out of the formal meditation practice, the undercurrent of permeability and freedom buoys us, unburdening our approach to life with an ease that allows intensity and joy, nourishes excellence, and meets life’s inevitable difficulties with élan. In this porosity our time expands, enriched. Time flows through us rather than driving or limiting us. We have time to relax, to live and breathe and be in contact with the people around us.

Growing accustomed to the stillness and porosity, we begin to accept and even treasure our inherent emptiness as arising from our true source, as the field of our interconnectedness with all life. The paradox of the spiritual life unfolds: the less we hold onto, the more we receive. Porosity enables us to walk with a lighter step toward our place in the great world beyond our heavily defended self.


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