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Fourth Way Spiritual Practice

The Seeker

Adapted from Rumi

After years of inner work,
A seeker found the door of the Beloved and knocked.
A voice asked:
“Who is there?”
The seeker answered:
“It is I.”
The voice said:
“There is no room for me and you.”
And the door stayed shut.
The persistent seeker engaged in ever deeper spiritual practice,
And then returned to the door of the Beloved and knocked.
The voice from within asked:
“Who is there?”
And the door opened,
And the seeker opened
And said:
“It is You.”

About Inner Frontier

On the spiritual path, even the fully-realized person is still a beginner in the Zen sense of beginner’s mind. Nevertheless, travelers on the path may be broadly classified as beginners, experienced, and advanced. Inner Frontier aims primarily to support the spiritual practice of the experienced and advanced, people who have tried one or more ways of inner work and still hunger for a deeper and more complete transformation. Those new to the path also will find methods of use to them in these pages.

This website focuses on the practical, while leaving creative gaps through which each person can adapt the methods to their own individuality.

In addition to publishing, we offer workshops and books.

Provenance of the Meditations and Exercises

About the Author of Inner Frontier

Joseph Naft was born in a war refugee camp in northern Italy in the aftermath of World War II. Recovering from wartime devastation, the family soon immigrated to the United States. That legacy of unspeakable evil engendered Naft’s abiding interest in how the seemingly intractable problem of human violence can be resolved.

While childhood experiences of the spiritual depths set the stage for Naft’s lifelong pursuit of the sacred, he first learned formal meditation practice in 1970. In 1974-75, he studied Fourth Way, Sufi, Buddhist, and other spiritual practices during a year in residence at J. G. Bennett's school of spirituality in England. Subsequently, he pursued a range of spiritual practices in Turkey under the guidance of Sufis from the Mevlevi, Helveti, Rifa’i, and Naqshbandi orders. He has also undertaken extensive training in Buddhist meditation. His primary engagement continues to be with the Fourth Way as taught by Gurdjieff and Bennett.

Through his ongoing spiritual quest, Naft gradually came to see that the ultimate answer to the tragedy of violence, including the violence we do the Earth, must entail a radical change and evolution of the inner life of all humanity. The leading edge of that change lives in those committed to spiritual practice.

Joseph Naft has taught meditation and spiritual practices since 1976. His books include Light on the Way: Deep Spiriual Practice, The Way of Presence: Tools and Strategies, The Radiant Mountain: Presence to Go, Becoming You: Cultivating Spiritual Presence, The Sacred Art of Soul Making: Balance and Depth in Spiritual Practice and two novels, Agents of Peace and Restoring Our Soul.


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