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Restoring Our Soul

Restoring Our Soul

A Novel By Joseph Naft

Price: $14.95         Trade Paperback 6 x 9

Pages: 256             ISBN: 0-595-09419-8

Date: May-2000    Publisher: iUniverse

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Restoring Our Soul is situated at the confluence of science, spirit and the world crisis of values. While incorporating a cultural critique, romance, and humor, the story centers on the search for the underlying causes of the worldwide degeneration of character, the discovery of those causes, and their ultimate resolution. The accidental detection by graduate student Michael Epps of anomalous magnetic fields in prehistoric hominid fossils leads to a new understanding of human nature. With little hope of success, billionaire technologist, J. Walter Harbison, assembles a multidisciplinary research group to assess whether the character crisis actually exists, determine its origins, and craft a solution. He receives crucial help from his spiritual teacher, Aziza Hamadani.

Dr. Ruth Arvah, a world-class developer of advanced medical instrumentation, leads the research team. Through the measurement of naturally occurring magnetic fields around people and several unforeseen experimental results, the researchers discover a relationship between the human population explosion and the global atmospheric reservoir of spiritual energies. Tom Grandbush, a conservative radio talk show host, heaps ridicule on the research team, jeopardizing their credibility. They persevere despite personal setbacks, achieving an astonishing outcome for the world.

About the Author:

Joseph Naft was born in a war refugee camp in Italy. Mr. Naft earned academic degrees in engineering, psychology, physics, and computer science. For over forty years, he has studied Buddhist, Sufi, Christian, Hindu, and other spiritual traditions and practices in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. In addition to being an author, Mr. Naft is a computer scientist, engineer, and teacher. He has led spiritual practice groups since 1976.

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