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The Sacred Art of Soul Making

Becoming You:

Cultivating Spiritual Presence

By Joseph Naft

496 Pages
ISBN-10: 0978610911
ISBN-13: 9780978610913
July, 2009
I.F. Publishing Company

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Book Description

Who am I? When am I most myself? What is presence and how does it relate to spirituality and prayer? How can I develop my presence? How can I deepen my prayer?

When a deeper reality stirs our heart, we look for a way to open to it, to be embraced by it, to integrate it into our life, and to serve it. The inner landscape of the spirit, however, remains hidden from our perceptual capacities, untrained and undeveloped for that domain. But we can adopt a way of life that awakens our innermost self, a way that addresses our deepest yearnings and opens the sacred wellsprings of kindness and love: the way of intentional, intelligent, and heartfelt spiritual practice.

Bridging meditation, prayer, and presence, Becoming You presents an extensive array of 365 week-long methods for cultivating spiritual presence and the many facets of our soul. Offering ways to plumb the extraordinary depths of meditation and prayer, to enrich our daily life through presence, to awaken new perceptions, to develop our soul, and to become fully ourselves, this book brings simplicity of heart and clarity of mind to our spiritual pursuit. Following an arc of generally increasing subtlety, Becoming You cycles through the many aspects of a complete path, carrying us steadily deeper in our quest.

Joseph Naft has taught meditation and spiritual practices since 1976. His other books include The Sacred Art of Soul Making: Balance and Depth in Spiritual Practice and two novels, Agents of Peace and Restoring Our Soul.

This book is a compilation of seven years of Weekly Inner Work exercises from


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