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The Radiant Mountain

The Way of Presence

  Tools and Strategies

By Joseph Naft

388 Pages
ISBN: 9780978610944
I.F. Publishing Company
October, 2017

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Book Description

How well we live depends more on our inner state than on our outer circumstances. Foremost is whether or not we are actually here, living and participating in our life. Are we phoning it in, letting great chunks of irretrievable time pass by on autopilot, or are we present, in the vivid reality of each moment? We all have the same amount of time in each day. The key difference comes in whether we live each of those moments, making them ours, or let them slip away, hardly noticed.

This book addresses the actual practice of presence: how to be and stay present, moment to moment. How to be here in our life, drinking it all in. How to live more.

The Way of Presence consists of spiritual inner work exercises, each intended for a week-long effort. In this third collection of such exercises, all but a handful are parts of a series, lasting from as few as three to as many as thirteen weeks. Each inner work series offers a context of steps that can lead to greater depth along a particular dimension of the spirit. For a fully robust soul, we need a spirituality that effectively addresses all aspects of our being and gives us the tools, which if applied diligently, will enhance the quality of our inner life. These pages offer a way that can enable us to live more in presence to make more of our life.

This book is a compilation of four years of Weekly Inner Work exercises from

About the Author: Joseph Naft was born in a war refugee camp in northern Italy in the aftermath of World War II. That legacy of unspeakable evil engendered his abiding interest in how the seemingly intractable problem of human violence can be resolved. For over thirty-five years, he has studied Buddhist, Sufi, Christian, and Jewish spiritual practices in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. Joseph Naft has taught meditation and spiritual practices since 1976. His other books include The Radiant Mountain: Presence to Go, The Sacred Art of Soul Making: Balance and Depth in Spiritual Practice, Becoming You: Cultivating Spiritual Presence, and two novels, Agents of Peace and Restoring Our Soul.



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