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For the week of: May 6, 2002


Perhaps you live in a shell of indifference toward most people, as if they are cardboard cutouts to be used or ignored, rather than actual persons. How can we open our hearts to the “Thou” in others, to recognizing our sameness, our shared humanity, our common personhood? How can we see that within each person lies a world of awareness, hopes, and dreams, just like in us? Though the content certainly differs, the Life, the consciousness is one and the same. How to come toward that perception of heart?

First, of course, we can look at the reality of our situation. What attitude do we actually hold toward others? Seeing the truth of this about ourselves prepares the ground for change.

Second, we can actively address our good will toward people, at least inwardly. When we see another person, even a total stranger, we can consider our common humanity. Out of this naturally arises an impulse of good will, which we inwardly direct toward him or her, silently sending our best wishes, our personal blessing to the other person. You might inwardly use words or phrases from your own heart-store that speak of health, happiness, peace, love, fulfillment, or God’s blessing. Such phrases can help you form your intention of kind wishes and give it wings.

For this week, practice the heart of benevolence.



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