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Inner Work

For the week of: May 13, 2002


As our experience with inner work grows, we notice more and more opportunities for practice. An increasing variety of life situations and events remind us of the path. This opens a fruitful line of questioning to pose to ourselves: “How often do I capitalize on chances to practice? How often do I let them slip away?”

The practice of sensation, for example, can profitably enter nearly every life situation without interfering. Indeed, sensing enhances life. Why then do I not sense more often? If spirituality matters to me, and if I am to be responsible to that, and if I am to reach the depths of transformation possible for me, then shouldn’t I welcome and make full use of every opening into the present?

For this week, notice how often you engage in inner work. Set and strengthen your intention to practice more frequently during the day. Use your creativity to devise ways to respond more often to the inner call. How many chances can we afford to pass up?


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