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For the week of: September 9, 2002

A Wider Context: God's View of the World

            Imagine an invisible but substantial body permeating everything. The Will of this body acts through all life in a very special way, the way of freedom. The Great Will endows each human with a portion of Itself, a unique gift of free will. Thus, we simultaneously enjoy our connection with each other through the Great Will, as well as the freedom bestowed upon us as unique individuals.

            You can intentionally look at life, at living beings, particularly people, as manifesting the single Great Will to a greater or lesser degree, depending on how that individual chooses to exercise his or her freedom. Regardless of those choices, however, the connection of sharing in the Great Will remains intact. For that reason, evil deeds, the misuse of freedom, are a triple travesty: an affront to the victim, to the perpetrator, and to the unity of God. Acts of kindness, though, reverberate their beneficial influence throughout.

This week, catch a glimpse of this wider context of connection as you see and interact with other people.



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