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For the week of: June 28, 2004

The Middle Way

Extremism nearly always results from identification and grasping, from a desperate desire to have things our way, the “right” way. When such a desire periodically consumes us, we disappear, our potential for presence and kindness squandered. We may fall into extreme positions in many ways from sharp political views to uncontrolled appetites, from road rage to laziness, from paralyzing fear to preening braggadocio, from giving more than we can afford to taking all we can get. In our spiritual practice also we tend to move in a rut on one side of the balance scale, forgetting the value of both effort and non-effort, kindness and self-discipline, focusing and letting go, solitude and community, prayer and meditation.

Freedom awaits us in the middle way, in moving away from the extremes toward a sane and stable synthesis. For example, we strive diligently for excellence without demanding perfection. We see truth in opposing opinions and discover a new center. We find satisfaction in the first slice of cake and forgo the second. We fast one day, but not two.

For this week, notice areas of extremism in your own life and see your way toward a middle path.



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