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For the week of: August 30, 2004

A Person of Substance

How substantial is your presence? To what extent do you feel yourself to be here? Do your words ever carry weight? When you walk, are you aware of your own weight, both physical and inner? Do you reside within your own body and space, or are you constantly drawn outside yourself, flitting or hurrying here and there? Do you fidget? Do you blow your energy in unnecessary tensions, overeating, or substance abuse? Do you think for yourself, or do you blithely accept others’ views as truth? Do you finish what you start, or do you follow the latest whim crossing your mind, or make excuses and give in to laziness? Are you responsible? Are you kind?

All these questions offer indications of what it means to be a person of substance, and how we can work toward that. For this week, please ponder one or more of these questions and apply the results to your inner work.


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