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For the week of: November 8, 2004

Strong Will, Open Will

To have any hope of opening to the Divine, we first need to be. In strength of presence we find our opportunity to become more than just our personal self, to be touched by the spiritual Reality. Even if we only attain that for a moment, the event shows us the way toward the Ultimate. For this week, try working at the following meditation.

After thoroughly relaxing in body, heart, and mind, turn toward full awareness of your body. Keep your attention in your body, the whole of your body. Gradually the sensitive energy builds up and your awareness and connection with your body strengthens. Whenever you notice that your attention has weakened or slipped away in thoughts or daydreams, gently and without self-recrimination bring your full attention back to the whole of your body. While staying thoroughly relaxed, let your attention grow stronger and stronger, filling your entire body. Inhabit your whole body in increasing immediacy and intimacy. Keep at it. If you can stay relaxed while you work at this, your attention will not tire. Bright and steady, you are here in full presence in your body.

Once you feel well established in your attention, anchored in your body, move toward being your attention itself. Your attention is your will. Be that.

Now the subtlety. Notice that your attention does not really begin in you. While maintaining yourself in that strong attention, open toward the Source of your attention. You will find It shrouded in a cloud beyond perception. No matter. At this point, we are not aiming to enter that Divine Source of all free will. Rather, we are now working to open a channel toward It. Your attention itself is that channel. Let the back-stop fall away from your mind, heart, and attention, and open to the Source of who we all are.




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