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For the week of: November 22, 2004

Political Mind

Whether or not political action forms part of our repertoire of service, as long we intend to devote ourselves to the spiritual path we need to beware of growing too identified with any of our views, including our political convictions and opinions. Identification in this sense means that instead of holding a position, the position holds us. We live in reaction to all we see as wrong. We may even fall into demonizing people in the other camp. But our true reality far surpasses events in time. Maintaining that timeless perspective helps us keep our center as we navigate the turmoil of this world.

This is not to say that we should not hold or even passionately promote our political views. Nor does it imply a moral relativity. Objectively evil deeds do occur, perpetrated by misguided people lacking real contact with conscience. But political or any other action in this world can be much more effective if we live in inner freedom while embodying our convictions.

It is one thing to act in compassionate ways. But it is an entirely different matter to give oneself over to righteous or indignant passion. The former validates and strengthens our connection with conscience, whereas the latter usurps and betrays conscience, mixing its truth with egoism. The passion that arises in freedom and conscience is a force for good, a force that neither harms others nor wastes our energies.

For this week, notice when political mind takes over your inner world, drawing you into reaction, anger, disgust, indignation, or obsession. The seeds of freedom are sown by seeing.



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