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For the week of: December 6, 2004

Manna from Heaven

The bulk of our inner work must of necessity be active: actively sensing our body, actively extending our continuing contact with our body from part to whole, actively raising ourselves out of entanglement with associative thoughts and reactive emotions, actively experimenting with our inner approach to practice, actively managing our destructive habits, actively seeking out spiritual community to support our inner work, and actively becoming and sustaining presence. Yet all this activity amounts to very little without some crucial help from above.

The missing ingredients that we cannot produce through our own efforts consist of the higher energies, which belong to the deeper spiritual realms. These energies enable the growth and transformation of our soul. And their status of necessity extends beyond the personal to whole of human society. Humanity depends on those who work inwardly to be the means of its redeeming connection with the higher energies. All our active inner work serves to prepare our vessel to receive the higher energies, the manna from heaven. Through letting go of all self-centeredness in deep meditation, in heartfelt prayer, or even in a simple gesture of receiving, we open ourselves, we reach toward the Divine, and accept the gift of the sacred substances.

Two levels can be distinguished in these energies beyond consciousness. The first, an active energy, cascades through us in waves of light. The other, deeper one comes in utter emptiness, formlessness, and awe as the substance of a higher will, which we can allow to enter our own will.

For this week, renew your work at heartfelt prayer and meditation in stillness, to empty yourself, to reach toward the Divine, to gather that most crucial nourishment for your soul and for your neighbor.


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