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For the week of April 10, 2006

Searching for Sustenance

For those who yearn for the sacred, spiritual sustenance proves just as necessary as physical sustenance. Physically, we work to earn our food, while the air we need comes free. Similarly with spiritual sustenance: for some we must work, while for other kinds we need only open our soul.

In the first category we find the inner energies carried by the air. To extract and absorb them requires the intentional, conscious effort of energy breathing, placing our full attention on the air as we breathe in, noticing the vibrant energies contained in it, and welcoming those energies into our inner body. Also in this category is the energy we can intentionally and directly draw from the Earth, if our attention and perceptions are sufficiently focused and refined.

Beyond those lies the realm of the sacred energies. First we find the true presence of consciousness, which opens as quiet stillness ushering us into the halls of inner peace and freedom. Next we seek the sacred light by opening our hearts and directing our attention beyond, or orthogonal to, everything, even our own consciousness. A Divine name can help with this, as a pointer toward where our attention needs to go. Beyond that sacred light we may discover the Love that emanates from the beneficent Intelligence that sustains all worlds. We can only enter there in Love and in letting Love enter us. Again, a Divine name can help focus our attention, humble us, and open our hearts, our innermost self to that Love.

These are the layers of sustenance that can feed our soul. Only we need to take it as real, not as a theory. Even if we cannot presently find our way through all, or even any, of these levels, we work persistently and patiently, practicing inwardly, as we search for our own personal connection. Slowly the levels open to us, gradually but joyously transforming our very soul.

For this week, several times a day, search for the spiritual sustenance that is always available and present. This need not take long, perhaps a minute each time, but the impact can be enormous.


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