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For the week of June 19, 2006

Elevating Prayer

From time to time, we experiment with stretching beyond our familiar inner spaces toward the Ultimate, in an active receptivity. We move, in our will and intention, in a direction other than our usual categories of outer and inner. We ask what would be a different direction altogether and we step toward that. We look beyond this world of space and time, beyond our body and mind, even beyond consciousness itself. We find that direction by moving, by reaching toward it, and by responding to its call, however faint that may be. We trust our innermost self to know where to turn. In bold humility we approach the One we have always longed for.

And in that place, or toward that place, or toward the best orientation we can come to, we pray. We pray from our heart, from our wholeness, with words and without words, with awe and with love, with tears of gratitude and with unimaginable joy. That prayer embodies and gives wings to the most basic intention of our life: to enter direct relationship with the Divine. That prayer itself connects us with the Sacred Source.

This connection knows no limitation. It is not reserved for special people, but stands ready with the warmest of welcomes for each of us, for you and for me, just as we are. As if to a loving parent, we return in simple truth and peaceful joy to embrace and be embraced by the Great Heart of the World.

For this week, try to elevate your prayer. Try to make your relationship with the Divine more direct and immediate. Like a scientific explorer and a poet lover, find your way toward your truest Friend, Who lives in you and in all your friends.


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