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For the week of September 4, 2006

Spiritual Momentum

As in sports, politics, and so much else, momentum makes a difference in the spiritual path, helping carry our practice and search. Newton’s first law of motion teaches that everything maintains its own direction and pace unless other forces act. Likewise, our inner life would continue at its current level, were it not for the frictions attendant on daily life or for our dedication to the path.

Most of what goes on in life distracts us from our inner work, slowing its pace and deflecting us into unproductive channels. If we do not work to move up, we steadily fall down. Unless we rededicate ourselves to spiritual practice on a daily basis, life eventually brings our inner work to a halt. At that point, we lose all our spiritual momentum, grow accustomed to that state, consider it the norm, and waste our days floundering rudderless.

However, a certain level of ongoing effort can enable our inner work to withstand the disorganizing friction of life and maintain a steady pace toward the spirit. Our inner life thereby attains a plateau.

Depending on its particular level, a spiritual plateau can be very pleasant or not. If pleasant, inertia draws us to stay as is. A momentum-changing level of effort, though, can hasten our movement toward new heights.

When we feel frustration or dissatisfaction with life, it is often due to our lack of spiritual momentum. By returning to the basic roots of inner work such as body awareness, presence, meditation, and prayer, and by practicing diligently we soon find the dissatisfaction evaporates, as we attain a positive momentum.

For this week, assess your own spiritual momentum. Consider what a momentum-changing effort could be in your situation. Choose and apply specific practices to engage in, to maintain or even increase your momentum.


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