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For the week of November 27, 2006

Valuing the Way

At the hidden core of all spiritual practice lies our valuation of the way. The priority in our heart and mind that we give to our inner work determines the role it plays in our life. The more we value the spiritual, the more it can operate in us.

But this valuation fluctuates, waxing and waning with our moods, our preoccupations, and the events of our life. And the quality of our inner work fluctuates correspondingly.

So a central question confronting us on our path is how to raise and stabilize our spiritual priorities. In addressing this we might look to teachers and friends, to sacred texts and spiritual writings. All these can help. However, the most direct route toward valuing the way consists of increasing our contact with the Divine Source of all value. Whenever a sacred value touches us, it is that Source at work.

For this week, several times each day, turn your heart and mind toward the Sacred Source. Let the sacred imprint its value on you. Let it touch your core. Put that value into action, the action of spiritual practice: presence, prayer, kindness, meditation, service, and the rest.

When we live by sacred values, the sacred lives in us.


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