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For the week of: February 4, 2002

Lighting the Darkness

Certain parts of our typical day are like the dark side of the moon, spiritually. No inner work, no light of true awareness enters there. Choose one such activity or time during which you usually do little or no spiritual practice. For the rest of the week, bring more presence into that particular period of each day. You could work with sensation, or mindfulness, or breath awareness during that time, or with whatever presence-supporting practice seems most appropriate.

Some of our normal activities take all of our attention and leave none for the work of presence. As we continue on the path, the capacity of our attention grows and even these challenging arenas open to our deepening presence. So we could choose an activity that is almost out of reach for our presence, one that flexes our spiritual muscles.

Others of our activities do not present a particular difficulty of attention, but have remained outside the field of presence simply out of neglect. So we could choose a time or activity into which the light of our awareness usually does not penetrate. Gradually but persistently, we work to shine more light into that dark corner of our life.

For this week, bring more light of awareness into a particular region of your daily life.


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