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Inner Work

For the week of: April 22, 2002


When spontaneous moments of awakening arrive, the path calls us to act on the opportunity for inner work: to sense our body, to be aware of our breathing, to enter and reside in the wholeness of presence, and so on. But all too quickly we slide back into our automatic, autopilot lifestyle. In this week’s task, we set ourselves to extend those moments of practice that open to us during the day, to abide in the world of sensation a bit longer, to be in presence for an extra few seconds, to watch even just one more breath before losing ourselves again.

One of the more remarkable aspects of our work with the sensitive energy occurs when it builds up in the energy body and exhibits its own staying power. This enables us to maintain ourselves in sensitive awareness longer than otherwise possible. Persistent work with the sensitive energy in the body collects and accumulates that energy, enabling our awareness to endure and stabilize, providing a platform from which we can sustain presence.

Whatever method of inner work we choose, the dimension of duration remains important. We capitalize on the random moments of grace that awaken us and remind us of our path, expanding those moments by prolonging our inner work.


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