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Fourth Way Spiritual Practice


A Meditation: The Eyes of God

Let each stage of this meditation take the time it needs.

We begin by relaxing thoroughly.

Next we open our perceptions to full awareness of bodily sensations, awareness of the whole body, of the sensitive energy in the body.

Next we open to our basic awareness itself, to the stillness behind our thoughts, behind our sensations and emotions.

Now imagine God as a vast, supreme intelligence, utterly compassionate, a mountain of purpose, pure Will. Imagine yourself looking directly into the eyes of God, without personifying them into the shape of eyes, but rather opening yourself to be seen clearly by that vastness.

In looking into the eyes of God, you and God see all your impurities, all the places you hold onto separateness. And in that seeing, in God’s seeing you with supreme compassion, you forgive your defects and mistakes, you begin to let go of those impurities and all smallness of heart. Let go of owning all the limitations. Let go of your shame and regret. Let go of being distinct from God so that God sees through your eyes and loves through your heart. Bask in the radiance of that limitless compassion.


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